Frequently asked questions

How can I book you?

Go to the contact me page! Send an email through my site, facebook message of call me! Anything but carrier pigeon really. The sooner you contact me to see if I have your date available the better! Don't rush your decision though, have a look around to find a photographer that suits your needs. If you think I am the girl for you then great! I would love to book your date in my diary, Unfortunately I can't hold your date for you without a booking form and a deposit because that would be unfair. :(

Are you insured?

Yes! yes, yes, yes, yes and yes.

What happens if you are ill on the date of shooting and unable to attend?

If it is your wedding day I am lucky enough to have professional photographer friends who can cover and do just as a wonderful job on the day! If it is a shoot that can be rescheduled... we will do just that! Reschedule to a later date.

Where will you travel to? Do you work outside of Dorset?

Literally anywhere! I love an adventure and I truly love to travel. I will come and shoot your wedding in Antartica if you want me to! All I ask is that if it is outside of my area or abroad that you cover my travel costs! Always ask me if you are unsure and we can work out a way where we are both happy.

What if I can't find what I am looking for on your website?

Want to photogragh your gold fishes birthday? would you like me to film your knitting club? Talk to me :) I promise I don't bite. I only list weddings, family and portraiture because these are the most popular services. If you would like any other photography of videography services just ask me and I would love to help out!

Do we have copyright to the images and films?

Nope... sorry. However, you do basically get anything else you might need! You can share them as much as you like on social media and print however many you want. Just please don't sell them or use them for any commercial use. I work pretty hard so I like recognition for my work. All of this is outlined in the terms and conditions you recieve on booking.

Do you work on your own?

Well... Yes, mainly. Sometimes I might bring an assistant a long if you are having a massive wedding because I'm only small but I am mighty! If you want more coverage I can bring a long a second shooter for an extra cost, it might be something we need to talk about depending on what your vision is for your big day. If you want photography and videography services at the same event I obviously cannot do both at once, I will bring in a professional favourite of mine to help out. I like people, people are good.

Can we have ALL the photos you take?

I don't give you every single photo I take. To be honest you don't want them all! I think I am a talented photographer but I am not perfect, I take bad photos and as beautiful as I'm sure you are I will take bad ones of you! So to save both of us the embarressment I only send you my very best work! I won't give out uneditted images because that is like giving you an unfinished painting, it doesn't do either of us any favours. Please respect that I will know best when it comes to what photos you recieve. If you are unhappy with the way I have edited something just let me know and I will see what I can do for you. (That being said I will not hold on to your images for 20 years so please don't ask me when I am old and grey)

Why do you charge what you do?

Because I need to make money! on top of insurance, travel, equipment, software, website hosting, education and training, licensing and loads of other boring stuff. I need to give my self an hourly wage! that includes the hours I spend travelling, shooting and editting your images and films. I have to increase my price with my business costs (I will always note this on my website), I'm sure you understand. :)

Why are you a photographer?

Being a photographer is and always has been my dream job ever since I used my first camera. I don't know how to put into words my passion for photography. Being able to witness a beautiful moment between humans and freeze that so it lasts for ever, for you to hold onto is a privelidge. I love to look at your face when you see your images for the first time and realize how beautiful you are, I get a kick out of boosting your confidence. I'm one of those woman who have always had a ridiculously keen interest in weddings, so being able to photograph and film them and get paid for it is a dream! If you ever want someone to be enthusiastic about your wedding day with, just talk to me I won't stop being in awe of all your wedding planning decisions and give you advice and endless compliments. I am a big family person and a hopeless romantic so I love to jump in and photograph beautiful families and loved up couples, it is art to me and something I really care about.